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Manchester Capitalism is a research hub for academics, practitioners and ordinary citizens interested in radical thinking which reframes the issues of economic regeneration, financial reform  and political mobilisation.

Why Manchester Capitalism? One reason is practical. Many of our contributors work at Manchester Business School and Manchester University Press publishes our ‘Manchester Capitalism’ book series. A second reason is historical. The ‘Manchester Capitalism’ movement remade understandings of the economy in the 19th Century. But a similarly fundamental shift in thinking is urgent now. High income countries are in need of a radical intellectual and political movement that questions assumptions about the benefits of structural reform that have dominated conventional thinking since 1979. We need to meet the challenge of proposing alternatives.

Our aim is to produce research which is empirically resourceful, conceptually minimalist and politically relevant to a wide audience. In the style of our earlier work at the Centre for Research on Socio- Cultural Change (CRESC) this will include public interest reports as well as more academic books and articles. We continue to publish in the CRESC Working Paper series (see www.cresc.ac.uk). But at this new Manchester Capitalism web site we will be posting our latest research on economic and political issues; and also publicising our book series which explores issues in greater depth. The working papers and research reports- new and old- are open access and free of charge; the books are moderately priced paper backs and ebooks. Links from the home page of this web site will give you more details about all our activities and ideas.

Contributors: Andrew Bowman, Ismail Erturk, Julie Froud, Sukhdev Johal, John Law, Adam Leaver, Michael Moran, Karel Williams

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